The Work Of A Level 2 Electrician In Australia

Each country is unique in the way it carries regulates the provision of professional services. Knowledge of the qualifications and services rendered is important. This is especially so in a situation where a person is fully trained in one country and then goes to practice in a different country. Some additional requirements may be demanded before they can practice. This information is also relevant for an immigrant so that they know what professional can handle the work they need to be done.

A Level 2 electrician in Australia can provide services that generally relate to the distribution of electricity. This means that they can work on the power lines from the common point of supply to your house. These include:


The Level 2 electrician can connect your premises to the power supply by installing the required wiring. This will include both the service lines that are found underground as well as those that are overhead. In addition to this, the electrician can also install the required metering equipment. After the wiring and metering are installed, the Level 2 electrician is also licensed to connect them to the power network and to make the connection “live” so that electricity is supplied to your premises.

Repair And Maintenance

Level 2 electricians are also qualified to do all the repairs that need to be done to your power lines which connect your premises to the network. They can, therefore, replace the wiring and metering equipment. They can also disconnect the power supply to your premises.

Generally, there are three categories of accreditation that a Level 2 electrician can specialize in and one of them is the underground service lines specialization which is discussed below:

Underground Service Lines

When an electrician chooses to be accredited in this category, they can perform a number of tasks that are done when underground electrical services are needed. They include:

Removing or replacing the security seal of a local electricity distributor. Clearly, this cannot be done by anyone since there are procedures that need to be followed when attempting this. The seal is what protects the electrical wiring from damage. It also protects you from getting into contact with the wires.

Beyond the security, seal is a ton of electrical wiring and that is why it is protected by the security seal. The Level 2 electrician can install all the wiring required from the network supply to your premises and can also connect the power. That means that they can ensure that your premises are completely powered up.

When your power needs to be disconnected or even reconnected to the point where there is common coupling, the Level 2 electrician is appropriate.

The electrician can also replace the service fuse or fuses when they are spoilt and they can provide the necessary servicing to both the active links in the power connection and the neutral ones too. The reason why this job should be done by such a qualified person is because power mains carry a lot of voltage. The live links can cause electrocution if not handled properly.